Your experiments will be in the cloud, accessible at a unique address by any major browser. The platform can replace Matlab, E-prime, SuperLab and similar, because data collection can occur online AND offline.


We estimate the platform can cover around 80% of standard behavioral experiments. It can present images, sounds, video clips and text. It can record clicks, pressed buttons, input text. What else do you need?


Pretty much everything is customizable: presentation modes, response options, presentation times, ITI, ISI, fixation cross, text and background color, etc.


As long as you know (or learn) how to fill in a spreadsheet, you are fine. There is no programming involved on your side (but a lot on ours). Complexity through simplicity.

Covers a wide range of experiments
with many ready-made templates

Chances are you don't need anything else. But write to us if you do.

Images, sounds, videos, words

Switching between them is as easy as specifying the file extension - literally. All major image, video and sound files supported.

Multiple response options

Click stimuli, click buttons, press specific keys, or type text. The choice is yours.


Various presentation modes

Simultaneous or sequential presentation of stimuli. With or without a target image. Masked or unmasked. With full control over presentation times, ITI, ISI, etc.

Many other features

Randomisation within and between blocks, feedback for incorrect trials, display average correct score, generate random code at the end. And working on many others.

Ideal for online experiments
and instant sharing

Make your experiments available indefinitely at a permanent link with the "lock" option. Perfect for demonstration to students, reviewers and other researchers (just include the link in your paper).

How to use it

Sophisticated platform, simple interface.


Simple interface

After you sign up for an account and login, you will get access to a profile dashboard and a projects dashboard. In the profile dashboard you can manage your account details. The projects dashboard is where the action is.

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These are only four examples of the kind of tests you can design with Testable. The whole range is much larger. In fact, we believe Testable can cover the vast majority of the standard behavioral experiments.


Picture Naming Test

Participants identify pictures of famous people.

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Matching Test

This is a simple test in which participants have to select the test image that best matches the target.

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Stroop Test

A very short version of the famous Stroop test.

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Face Detection Test

Participants have to detect faces from minimal information.

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Some of the early adopters of our platform

Disclaimer: we may have shared a beer or two with some of these people, but the reviews are largely objective


Power, flexibility, and ease-of-use

A brilliant combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use, Testable democratizes the process of online experiment-creation by removing, completely, the need to write a single line of computer so doing, it greatly accelerates the idea-to-implementation process for both research and teaching applications.


Everyone in my lab uses it

Everyone in my lab, from undergraduates to postdocs, uses Testable to get experiments running online quickly and reliably. It's a great platform!


Seamless collaboration and exact replication

Testable provides a state-of-the-art platform for researchers, teachers, and students in behavioural and cognitive sciences to focus on what really matters: experimental design and data collection. Anybody who knows how to operate a spreadsheet software can use Testable to create and run experiments on the web and in the lab – without the need to code! Not only that, Testable allows easy sharing of experiments for seamless collaboration and exact replication. My students and I are avid users of Testable. Highly recommended!


Made my life so much easier!

I can focus on test design and data collection rather than trying to figure out how to program my experiments. I study rare populations that are spread out around the world, and now I can collect data online by having participants take tests from home and have the results appear in my secure account at the lab. I can also share the tasks that I designed with other researchers and collaborators without the need for them to download or purchase special software. Finally, it’s a great teaching tool because my students can use it easily to design their own experiments.


Part of the back-end infrastructure development was supported by an APS Teaching and Learning grant (2015).

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