Testable helps you create a wide range of behavioral experiments and surveys in the simplest and fastest way. You kickstart the experiment using our natural language form, upload your stimuli (if any) and then use a visual editor to make any tweaks to your design. Your study can be up and ready to run in minutes! That's how Testable offers a unique combination of power, flexibility, and speed.


Your projects will be created, managed and safely stored in the cloud. Testable is designed to just work, without the hassle. Participants can access your studies using a unique link and you and your participants won't have to worry about downloading any software or compatibility issues. A browser is all that is needed.


We have thousands of committed researchers using Testable for their lab-based and online studies, willing to share their experiments with the scientific community. Our Library contains published and unpublished experiments from our users, instantly available to other researchers who can request to use them in their own research. It is our contribution to transparency and replicability in science.


To offer you the best participant data for your experiments, we have built Testable Minds - the next-generation subject pool for behavioral science. Our 30k+ participants are diverse, verified, and reliable, with 85% coming from countries where English is first language. On Testable Minds you can post studies created in Testable or with any other software (e.g. Qualtrics). You can access Testable Minds from your dashboard once you signed up.

More time for science

Build almost any behavioral experiment in minutes

Present any stimuli

You can choose between images, videos, text and audio stimuli. Freely switch between them from trial to trial as your experiment requires it.

Choose how participants should respond

You can allow your participants to respond with anything available to them at a computer. They can use their mouse, keyboard, press buttons on screen and even use their voice!


Define timings and trial structure

Easily set up your trials by choosing between sequential or simultaneous stimulus presentation, adding masks, targets, fixation crosses, defining feedback and controlling all key timings such as ITI, ISI, the response window or presentation times.

Control the experiment flow

Take full control of randomisation within and between blocks, use logic statements to create non-linear experiments and create between-subject experiments that takes care of the group allocation for you.

How to use Testable


A lightning fast and intuitive way to kickstart your projects

New experiments and surveys may be created in minutes using our natural language form. Simply describe the type of experiment you would like to create and voilà, instantly up and running. Often, there is nothing else to do but upload your stimuli and refer to them in the trial file. No programming, no complicated graphical user interface.

Testable Dashboard

All experimental details in a simple spreadsheet

Testable experiments and surveys are built from spreadsheets - we call them trial files. All experimental parameters, related to stimuli presentation, times, response options and others, are neatly organised in a spreadsheet. That makes it incredibly easy to make any changes. You can edit trial files offline (using Excel or Google Sheets) or online with our visual editor.

Testable Dashboard

An elegant and powerful tool to edit your experiments and surveys

Creating and editing experiments has never been easier than with our visual editor. Specify all important information about your trials in our smart and responsive trial sheet. You can preview your experiment trial-by-trial using our built-in visualizer and see what your participants would see in real time. No other tool is faster or easier to use.

Testable Dashboard

Dozens of interactive guides, video tutorials and live training to support you in your research

From creating your first experiment to building a complex study for your final year project or your next Science paper, we are there to help. Our rich knowledge base offers you step-by-step guides that will allow you to quickly create even the most advanced experiments in Testable. There are also video tutorials and weekly live webinars to make you an expert in no time and help you along the way should you ever get stuck.

Testable Dashboard

Fast and powerful
Supercharge your research in 3 simple steps


Here are only three examples of the kind of tests you can design with Testable. But you can also create your own of browse our ever-growing library of ready-made tests.

What researchers say about Testable


Power, flexibility, and ease-of-use

A brilliant combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use, Testable democratizes the process of online experiment-creation by removing, completely, the need to write a single line of computer so doing, it greatly accelerates the idea-to-implementation process for both research and teaching applications.


Everyone in my lab uses it

Everyone in my lab, from undergraduates to postdocs, uses Testable to get experiments running online quickly and reliably. It's a great platform!


Seamless collaboration and exact replication

Testable provides a state-of-the-art platform for researchers, teachers, and students in behavioral and cognitive sciences to focus on what really matters: experimental design and data collection. Anybody who knows how to operate a spreadsheet software can use Testable to create and run experiments on the web and in the lab – without the need to code! Not only that, Testable allows easy sharing of experiments for seamless collaboration and exact replication. My students and I are avid users of Testable. Highly recommended!


Made my life so much easier!

I can focus on test design and data collection rather than trying to figure out how to program my experiments. I study rare populations that are spread out around the world, and now I can collect data online by having participants take tests from home and have the results appear in my secure account at the lab. I can also share the tasks that I designed with other researchers and collaborators without the need for them to download or purchase special software. Finally, it’s a great teaching tool because my students can use it easily to design their own experiments.

Core Team

We are a small group of academics and science enthusiasts, backed up by a strong team of academic advisors.

Ciprian Amariei

Ciprian Amariei


Iulian Nicu Danaila

Iulian Nicu Danaila

Full Stack Lead Developer

Diego Mendez

Diego Mendez

Early Investor, Advisor

Alexandru Miron

Alexandru Miron

Full Stack Developer

Maria Degetar

Maria Degetar

Research Support Officer

Gabriela Paicu

Gabriela Paicu

Minds Support Officer

Octavian Maxim

Octavian Maxim

Operations & Growth Manager

Deepesh Vadher

Deepesh Vadher

Account Manager

Costi Rezlescu

Costi Rezlescu


Teaching Fellow & Researcher (UCL, Harvard)

Academic Advisors

Bahador Bahrami

Director of Crowd Cognition Lab in Department of Psychology

Ludwig Maximilian University

Michael Banissy

Professor, Head of Psychological Science

University of Bristol

Irving Biederman

Professor of Neuroscience

University of Southern California

Alfonso Caramazza

Professor of Psychology

Harvard University

Ophelia Deroy

Chair and Head of Philosophy of Mind, Ludwig-Maximilians-University

Institute of Philosophy, London

Brad Duchaine

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Dartmouth College

Liuba Papeo

Chargée de Recherche

Institut Des Sciences Cognitives - Marc Jeannerod, France

Sam Schwarzkopf

Associate Professor

University of Auckland

Sophie von Stumm

Professor of Psychology

University of York

Tirta Susilo

Senior Lecturer

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Vincent Walsh

Professor Of Human Brain Research

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London


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Testable was developed primarily for academic research. If you are not associated with an academic institution, please contact us for an offer


We are grateful for the funding received from the Arts & Humanities Research Council (Science in Culture, RTS-2013-2017) and the Association for Psychological Science (2015).

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