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Minds commission 30% 20% 15% 10%
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Anywhere else online Not possible 500 results/Month Unlimited Unlimited
Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 100Mb 1GB Unlimited Unlimited
Previewer -
Insights -
Collaboration - Max. 2 basic collaborators Unlimited Unlimited
Class - - -
Admin Panel - - -
Research + Tech support
Clinic -
Customised support - -
Annual workshop - - -
SSO - - -
Onsite Participant payment
Available through Minds - - -
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Frequently asked questions, answered.

Testable is the online platform that allows you to easily build and run behavioural experiments and surveys online. Testable Minds is our own, academic participant pool that is seamlessly integrated with our experiment building platform. Testable and Testable Minds can be used completely independently. You can build experiments in Testable and collect data elsewhere and bring any other online experiment to recruit participants from our pool.

Yes! As long as you have an academic email address, you can sign up for a Basic account. With it, you can create as many projects as you like and you can collect data through Testable Minds or on your device while logged in to your account. For any data collection elsewhere online you will need to upgrade. You will also not have access to our premium features, such as collaboration, fieldwork insights or the trial previewer. The Basic Academic account does not expire, as long as you can access your academic email.

Yes, but data collection is restricted to Testable Minds and offline data collection on Basic Academic. That means you can use the Testable software to build experiments, and recruit participants on our participant pool Testable Minds. You will need to pay participants for their time and our standard 30% commission fee, but the use of the Testable software to collect data will be free. You can also collect data offline, if you set up a Testable experiment on a computer in a physical lab to collect data from participants in person. To collect data from any other participants online, you will need to upgrade to one of our paid accounts.

When you collect more than 500 results in any given month (if you upgraded on the 12th Jan, the month will run until 12th Feb, and the following until 12th March etc.). Any further results will get locked and you will not be able to access them. They can be unlocked either by upgrading to Pro Academic or by waiting for the next month when the limit refreshes. As an example, if you collect 510 results in from 12th Jan – 12th Feb, 10 results will be locked until the end of the period. On 12th Feb, the 10 results will automatically unlock and your monthly limit for the period between 12th Feb – 12th March will drop to 490.

No. The Plus and Pro individual accounts and departmental licenses cover the costs for the Testable software. If you want to recruit participants using Testable Minds, you will need to additionally purchase participant budget. This money will go directly to participants to pay for their time participating in your study. Whenever you purchase budget, you also need to pay a fee to us that depends on the Testable account that you have and ranges from 10% – 30%).

No, only the yearly Plus, Pro and departmental accounts come with free budget for participant recruitment on Testable Minds.

On Testable, you can collaborate with as many other users as you want, provided that they also have access to the collaboration feature. With Plus Academic, you can additionally invite two more collaborators to your projects who do not themselves have collaboration (e.g. because they have a Basic Academic account). With Pro Academic or on a Departmental License, you can invite as many Basic collaborators to view and/or edit your projects as you want.

When you recruit participants on Testable Minds you can choose how much you want to pay participants to complete your study, as long as it is in line with our hourly minimum of $7.50 (and $10 for Verified Minds, who go through advanced identity checks). On top of the fees for your participants, we charge a fee of 10%-30% (depending on your account type) of the total budget to cover our platform costs. You can find a fees calculator for participant recruitment here.

It depends on whether you build your experiment using our software (Testable) and/or recruit participants from our pool (Testable Minds). Typically, you have three types of costs for a study: 1) a software fee for building the experiment; 2) a commission for recruiting participants; 3) participants fees. You pay us for the software when you use Testable. You pay us a commission when you recruit from Testable Minds. Participants fees are always paid straight to participants (through the recruitment platform). (Click here for details)

No, each user is required to have their own account and it is not allowed to share your login details with others and your account may be locked if logins from multiple users are detected. Testable offers various tools for collaboration to make it easy to work together or experiments without the need to share accounts.

We work with a number of small and large non-academic research organisations. We are would love to offer you and your team a bespoke package that can cater to the specific demands of your organisation. Please get in touch at or book a call with sales here to explore together how Testable can help.

If you sign up with a free Basic Academic account, you can at any time upgrade to a Plus or Pro account from your Account settings on your Testable dashboard. You can navigate to Profile → “Plans” and select the account type that you’d like to upgrade to. If you would like to explore a departmental license or are part of a non-academic research team, then please get in touch at or book a call with sales here to explore together how Testable can help.

When you are buying an individual/lab subscription or Minds participant budget, you can use any major credit or debit card. Your payment will be processed by our payment provider Stripe. Departmental license fees or larger purchases can also be made via bank transfer upon request.

Yes, you maintain access to your account, including access to all of your projects, stimuli and existing results after a subscription expires.

Yes, when you are checking out any product (paid accounts, participant budget) you have the option to preview the invoice, add any custom details and send a payment link to someone else. This can be particularly useful if your supervisor or your academic department is paying for your research costs.

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