Recruit reliable and diverse participants.
No artificial ingredients.

Our Minds contribute to cutting-edge research at leading institutions.

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Tailored to the needs of academic research

Attentive participants

Attentive participants

Our participants join because they want to help advance the field of science through their participation. Through earning limits and fair rates we ensure that participants and researchers' motivations are aligned.

Verified Identity

Verified Identity

Our Verified Minds go through advanced identity verification by human and machine. Before each experiment their identity is reconfirmed, so we can guarantee basic demographic details such as age, gender and nationality.

Run any online study

Run any online study

Recruit participants for any browser-based survey or experiment. There are additional synergies with studies built in Testable that make collecting data for your research easier than ever.

Target demographics

Target demographics

Use our built-in filtering tool to only target your ideal participants for your studies. If the characteristic you are looking for is not covered, don’t worry: You can build your own short screener surveys to select for any trait.

Choose your data

Choose your data

You only need to pay for data that you approve. Most of our researchers do not to reject any participants, but if you find the occasional bad apple, you can reject their result and help us maintain the high quality of our pool.

Scheduled studies

Scheduled studies

Take control of your study timing with advanced scheduling. Choose when your experiment goes into field and during what times of day it should run. You can also account for the local time zone of your participants.

Private panel management

Private panel management

Create your own panels of participants based on previous studies. Use this for longitudinal studies or to easily draw on a subsection of participants with specific characteristics that you curated.

Dispute handling by us

Dispute handling by us

Unlike other platforms, we handle all participant disputes. You only need to communicate with us, although you have the option to directly message your participants through our platform.

Our simple and fair pricing
for participant recruitment

You pay your participants

Regular participants. Access our entire pool of reliable and diverse participants who are interested to take part in scientific studies.

Regular participants

Minimum fee: $7.50/hour

Verified Minds. Guaranteed demographics and best data quality through advanced identity verification.

Verified Minds

Minimum fee: $10.00/hour

You pay us

Individual Testable accounts

Commission of participant fees

Basic: 30%, Plus: 20%, Pro: 15%

Departmental group license for Testable

Commission as low as 10% of participant fees

Calculate study costs

Total cost


Commission fees (30%)




The minimum project fee is $20.

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