A new way to master advanced concepts with ease: Introducing Testable’s interactive Tutorial Templates

Published on February 24, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Tutorial Templates! These templates are specifically designed to help you learn more about advanced concepts in an interactive and engaging way. Imagine them as interactive guides but also as a resource to draw from when building your own experiments.

We understand that some experimental concepts like logic injection or the use of variables and wildcards can be difficult to grasp at first. In our new tutorial templates, you’ll get to see these concepts implemented in action as a working Testable experiment.

As a new user, you’ll find it easier than ever to get started with Testable and create more sophisticated experiments.

And for experienced users, these could be a great way to discover some hidden powers in Testable that you may have not been aware of before.

Using Wildcards and lists to generate trials dynamically

Our first tutorial template is “Using Wildcards & Lists.” This template is a comprehensive guide to dynamically creating trials using lists and wildcards. You’ll learn how to flexibly generate, randomize, sample, and constrain trials in a variety of different ways. You’ll also learn how to use advanced lists that help you dynamically sample the values for other parameters besides the stimuli.

Wildcards are a great way to create complex experiments with a compact and simple trial file.

→ Download the “Wildcards & Lists” Tutorial template here:

Using variables to reference past responses

The second template is “Using Native Variables”. In this template, you’ll learn everything you need to know about providing personalized feedback to participants based on their previous responses while keeping your test file clean and simple. You’ll learn the different ways to reference trials, retrieve responses from single and multiple trials, and calculate aggregate accuracy scores.

This template is a must for anyone looking to create personalized experiments and looking to make use of participants’ responses and performance throughout the experiment.

→ Download the “Variables” template here:

Using Logic to build non-linear experiments

Our final tutorial template is all about “Using Logic”. If you’re looking to make your experiment non-linear, and have your participants’ responses determine the flow of your experiment, then this is for you.

This template is an interactive exploration of the different ways logic can be implemented in your experiment trial file. You’ll learn how to set “if” conditions based on the type or response characteristic in a trial and how logic is used in form (surveys) and experimental trials.

The template also covers how to combine logical expressions and set up multiple conditions using logical operators, like “and” and “or”.

→ Download the “Logic” Tutorial template here:

With our new tutorial templates, it’s easier than ever to learn advanced concepts and create sophisticated experiments with Testable. We’re excited to see what you’ll create with our new resources.

You can access these templates either through the links in this article, on Testable library, or by creating a new experiment in Testable and choosing the “Start from Template” option, where you can search for any of the new tutorial templates.

Happy experimenting!