Visual lexical decision task – Template and in-depth guide

The visual lexical decision task (V-LDT) is a versatile experimental paradigm that requires participants to decide whether a word that is presented on screen is a real or made up. It is used to study the strength of mental representations in memory and understand the factors that can enhance or impede their retrieval.

Illustration of a trial in the Posner cueing task showing to squares, one of which highlighted in yellow.

Posner Cueing Task – Free online template and explainer guide

We have become used to talk about attention in terms of the forces that act on it. We may say that the sound or sight of a Twitter notification ‘pulled’ our attention away from our work. Or we might be ‘glued’ to a captivating story in a book. The Posner cueing task measures how attention is pulled across our visual field even when our eyes remain fixated.